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Welcome to the Ann Arbor Alumni Chapter
Mu Phi Epsilon
International Professional Music Fraternity

Mu Phi Epsilon is a co-educational, professional music fraternity whose mission is:

♪    To advance music in the community, nation, and throughout the world;
   To promote musicianship, scholarship, music therapy, and music education, with emphasis on service through music; and
♪♫ To enhance loyalty to the Alma Mater and develop true bonds of friendship.

Mu Phi Epsilon was founded by Dr. Winthrop S. Sterling and Elizabeth Mathias Fuqua on February 13, 1903, at the Metropolitan College of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Fraternity’s membership is composed of collegiate chapters, alumni chapters and affiliate members.

The Ann Arbor Alumni Chapter was installed September 12, 1913; Orah Ashley Lamke, Installing Officer.

The Ann Arbor, Michigan Alumni Chapter has members in and serves the communities of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Dexter, Saline, Plymouth and other communities in Southeastern Michigan.

Our membership includes music performers, educators, therapists, composers, church music leaders, and organists / pianists.

˜™* * * * * * * * * * * *

Meeting Times – Normally the 2nd Tuesday of each month, September through June,  at 7:30 p.m.   We begin our September and June meetings with a Potluck Supper at 6:30 p.m.  Additional special social meetings are held in December and May, also during the summer, in July and August.

The elements of the Mu Phi Epsilon Creed are the basic focus of our meetings:
Music, Friendship and Harmony; Beauty, Kindness and Generosity.


I believe in Music, the noblest of all the arts, a source of much that is good, just and beautiful; in Friendship, marked by love, kindness and sincerity; and in Harmony, the essence of a true and happy life.  I believe in the sacred bond of our Fraternity ~ loyal, generous and self-sacrificing, and its strength shall every guide me in the path that leads upward toward the stars.

~ Ruth Jens Kirby, Omega

The Chapter’s Aim is to carry out the purposes of the Fraternity by serving and supporting the Mu Phi collegiates of our local area, both musically and financially; and fostering “Service to Others through Music” ~ making our community more beautiful through our individual and collective involvement in music.

Collegiate Chapters We Assist:
Gamma ~ University of Music, Ann Arbor
Epsilon Lambda ~ Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti

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Our Triangle – The Official Song of the Fraternity
(Performed and recorded in 2007 by the Ann Arbor Alumni Chapter Choir: Lori Gould, Barbara Ginther, Nancy Murphy, Martha Froseth; and guests Mitch Gillett, Tom Petiet; Janice Clark, Accompaniment)

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